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03:41 PM, June 14, 2017
Finland Invites Three Bidders To Begin Negotiations On ‘Squadron 2020’ Vessels Project
Finland Invites Three Bidders To Begin Negotiations On ‘Squadron 2020’ Vessels Project

The Finnish Defence Forces’ Logistics Command will send out an invitation to negotiate and for preliminary invite for tender to three shortlisted combat system bidders for its Squadron 2020 project vessels.

Of a total of 8 companies competing for the contract, Finland chose German Atlas Elektronik GmbH, the Canadian Lockheed Martin and the Swedish Saab Ab for further consideration in April 2017.

The first round of negotiations will be conducted in the course of 2017 and the deadline to submit a preliminary tender is in autumn 2017, the ministry announced Tuesday. The second round of negotiations will be started already at the end of 2017 and it will be continued in winter 2018.

The battle system to be delivered will consist of weapons, sensors, and command and control systems and their integration into vessels.

The final round of tenders and the signing of the agreement will take place during 2018.

The exact configuration of the battle system will be decided in the course of design but at least sea mines and missiles are likely to be included in the main weapon systems.

Four Squadron 2020 vessels are designed to replace the Finnish Rauma-class fast-attack missile boats and Hämeenmaa-class minelayers that will reach the end of their life-cycle by the mid-2020s.

Finland plans to sign the shipbuilding contracts in 2019 while first naval engineering tests are scheduled for 2020. According to the plan the last ship should be handed over to the Finnish Defence Forces in 2024.

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