US Air Force Fighter Wings Field Test F-35A Ammunition Loader

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  • 04:51 PM, June 15, 2017
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US Air Force Fighter Wings Field Test F-35A Ammunition Loader
US Air Force Fighter Wings Field Test F-35A Ammunition Loader

The US Air Force’s first F-35 Lightning II operational wing has recently received five F-35A bulk ammunition loaders for field use.

Airmen extensively tested one of the loaders June 6-9, 2017, during an engineering validation and verification evaluation, the service announced Wednesday.

The mobile loader lets weapon experts safely and efficiently load 25mm ammunition into the F-35A while simultaneously unloading spent shells.

It’s important for the Airmen who will use the loader on a daily basis to test it at an operational unit, said Lt. Col. Randall Austill, the Air Combat Command Maintenance Munitions Branch chief.

Members of Hill Air Force Base’s active-duty 388th Maintenance Group and the reserve component 419th Maintenance Group used the published technical guidance to stock the loader and load the ammunition into the F-35A. 

Tech. Sgt. Creighton Daetwyler who is part of the 388th Maintenance Squadron said, the tests not only validated the loader, but also provided maintainers an opportunity to give input on improving the procedures and equipment in the future.

Col. Michael Miles, the 388th Maintenance Group commander said, “The results of this loader evaluation will help the maintenance group deliver combat capability anytime, anywhere when tasked.”

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