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09:54 AM, June 19, 2017
Leonardo Unveils Fighter Attack Version of M-346 Trainer jet At Paris Air Show 2017

Leonardo has displayed for the first time the M-346FA Fighter Attack version of its M-346 trainer that will be equipped with a variant of the Grifo multi-mode fire control radar.

The aircraft can be equipped with a variety of missiles, cannons and guided bombs making it an ideal light attack aircraft. The M-346FA is a further evolution of a family concept designed to create a common base able to answer to the different air forces requirements in very quick times, the company announced Sunday.

The M-346FA fighter attack aircraft is on display at the Paris Air Show 2017.

This will be the third variant of the M-346 aircraft: the Advanced Jet Trainer and the multi-role M-346FT (Fighter Trainer).

The company has already carried out the studies for the FA’s radar installation and its mechanical integration with the aircraft.

The M-346FA’s characteristics make it not only an excellent advanced trainer, but also a light fighter aircraft capable of carrying out operational missions at far lower costs than those of front-line fighters.

Several air forces have already expressed their interest in it. With seven pylons for external loads, the M-346FA will also be able to operate very effectively as multi-role tactical aircraft, capable of air-to-surface, air-to-air and tactical reconnaissance missions.

The integration of multi-mode Grifo radar will provide the M-346FA with versatility and effectiveness, thanks to the availability of many specialized radar modes both Air-to-Air and Air-to-Surface.

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