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10:14 AM, June 19, 2017
Indonesia Deploys Sukhoi 30 Jets Against Possible ISIS Infiltration From Philippines
Indonesian Sukhoi 30 Jets Prepare To Attack ISIS Militants Coming From Philippines

Indonesia’s military has bolstered its border security with three Sukhoi jets to drive away the Islamic State Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants from crossing the border from southern Philippines into the Indonesian territory.

Chief of the Air Force base in Tarakan, Colonel Didik Krisyanto was quoted as saying by Antara news Sunday that the three Sukhoi aircraft, arrived on Friday to stay for a month in Tarakan to help forestall possible infiltration of the radicals from entering Indonesia after large scale offensive by the Philippine government military.

Indonesian navy has intensified patrol for security in the sea border with the Philippines after the Islamic rebels occupied Marawi, a city in southern Philippines, last month, fearing that militants might flee the Philippines and will cross the border to Indonesia.

The Philippines government military is seeking to drive the Islamic rebels from their city.

Sea patrol has been a routine duty, but with what is happening in the Philippines it is necessary to intensify security patrols, Chief of a navy base in Tahuna, Sangihe, Col. Setiyo Widodo said.

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