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12:37 PM, June 20, 2017
Thales Expands Capabilities Of Laser-guided BAT-120 Weapon For French Mirage Jets
Laser-guided BAT-120 Weapon (Thales photo)

Thales, in coordination with the French defence procurement agency (DGA), has developed the capabilities of the BAT-120, a combat proven weapon system already qualified on the Mirage 2000 fighter jet.

The laser-guided BAT-120 is a precision strike weapon, reasonably sized that can be carried in large numbers on the aircraft’s wing pylons to fight all types of fixed or mobile targets (lightly armoured or unarmoured vehicles, go-fast vessels). The ground precision strike helps to reduce operational risk and collateral damages and to protect the armed forces.

The laser-guided BAT-120 is a lightweight (35 kg) weapon with low operating costs. This 120 mm precision strike system can be fired at medium and high altitudes. No major modifications to the aircraft are needed because it uses the fire control system of a laser-guided weapon.

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