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05:05 PM, June 22, 2017
Siberian Scientists Develop System To Remotely Recharge Drones

Siberian scientists have developed a technology of highly efficient fiber lasers matrix addition that allows to wirelessly recharge drones and minimize atmospheric disturbances.

Specialists of the Institute of Atmospheric Optics within the Siberian branch of Russia’s Academy of Sciences have developed a device to remotely recharge drones.

Further, the system, which features dual technology, helps minimize atmospheric disturbances. The device also helps to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles.

"The technology of the highly efficient fiber lasers matrix addition allows remotely recharging unmanned aerial vehicles.” Institute Researcher Grigory Filimonov told TASS on Wednesday.

“ We have created a device with seven channels and achieved an energy increase by 49 times. The energy can be scaled up many times," Filimonov said at the R&D and Innovation Exhibition held as part of the Technoprom-2017 international forum taking place in Novosibirsk on June 20-22.

"It is possibly to transmit energy at a distance of several kilometers," he added.

The 5th international technological forum, Technoprom-2017, is being held in Novosibirsk on June 20-22. A total of 25 countries are taking part in the forum.

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