Belgium To Buy Combat Vehicles For Land Forces In Cooperation With France

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  • 03:35 PM, June 23, 2017
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Belgium To Buy Combat Vehicles For Land Forces In Cooperation With France
Jaguar Armoured Reconnaissance and Combat Vehicle

Belgium's Council of Ministers approved Thursday proposal submitted by defense ministry to launch a 1.1 billion euros investment program for the purchase of new combat vehicles for the Belgian land forces, in cooperation with France.

Minister of Defence Steven Vandeput announced in the “Strategic Vision” document that 60 “Jaguar” medium combat vehicles and 417 “Griffon” light combat vehicles will be purchased, together with communications equipment and spare parts.

These new combat vehicles are currently being developed in the French Scorpion program and will replace the Piranha and Dingo combat vehicles now in service.

These vehicles will form the basic Belgian Defense joint motorized capability, and will also be purchased in medical and reconnaissance variants.

This acquisition, in line with the principles set out in the “Strategic Vision,” goes hand in hand with defense cooperation for Land Component. The objective is to establish a partnership based on identical French and Belgian combat vehicles.

The objective is for Belgium and France to have a common organization, and jointly to organize training and logistical support. As announced in the “Strategic Vision,” the operational capabilities and the effectiveness of the Belgian Land Forces will thus be reinforced while, at the same time, building a more European defense. 

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