Saudi Seeks Israeli Military Help To Support New Crown Prince?

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  • 03:32 PM, June 23, 2017
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Saudi Seeks Israeli Military Help To Support New Crown Prince?
Saudi Prince Mohamad Bin Salman has been appointed deputy crown prince Wednesday

Saudi Arabia's King Salman made his son Mohammed bin Salman next in line to the throne on Wednesday as the Kingdom seeks to transform economy by 2030 and reduce the country’s reliance on oil revenue.

Mohammed bin Salman replaces his cousin, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, a veteran security chief who led the Saudi campaign against Islamic State and al Qaeda.

FARS news reported Thursday that Saudi has seeked out Israel’s help at the demand of the new crown prince bin Salman to block his cousin’s possible measures.

The report says the Israeli air force sent 18 of its fighter jets, including F16I, F15CD and F16CD, along with two Gulfstream aircraft, two tanker airplanes and two C130 planes, special for electronic warfare, to Saudi Arabia.

The new Saudi crown prince is good news for US and Israel for its strong stance against Iran. It was also reported by various sources that there are regular meetings between Saudi and Israeli officers in the joint war room where Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United States coordinate.

According to Reuters report, this new change is mainly expected to empower Mohammed bin Salman to move faster with his plan to reduce the kingdom's dependence on oil, which includes the partial privatization of state oil company Aramco.

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