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04:24 AM, June 28, 2017
 Arcturus UAV To Supply Mid Endurance UAVs to US Special Ops Command
Arcturus JUMP mid endurance UAV

Arcturus UAV is being awarded one of three contracts for a maximum of $475,000,000 for Mid-Endurance Unmanned Aircraft Systems (MEUAS III).

The contract is to supply MEUAS III systems to the US Special Operations Command to provide intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance services at multiple locations worldwide.

This contract was a competitive acquisition and eight responsive proposals were received. The contract includes a 54-month period of performance, with four 12-month ordering periods followed by one six-month ordering period. Estimated completion date is June 2022, a US DOD release said.

While it is not clear which model of Arcturus has been selected, the company’s most advanced model is the JUMP 20, first fixed wing UAV capable of vertical takeoff and landing. The JUMP 20's total payload capacity (Fuel + useable payload) is approximately 60 lbs, according to a company information sheet.

Depending on payload and avionic fit out, fuel can be adjusted to deliver between 9 and 15 hours of endurance. JUMP aircraft can also be converted to catapult launch with a simple wing change.

Arcturus has integrated a multitude of payloads into the T-Series aircraft including gyro stabilized gimbal EO/IR payloads besides 3-D mapping, SAR, LIDAR, communications relay, COMINT, and SIGINT.

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