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01:23 PM, June 29, 2017
Russian Fifth-gen Non-nuclear Submarine’s Preliminary Project Concluded
fifth-generation submarine will be based on Project 677 Lada

Russian preliminary project for its fifth-generation non-nuclear submarine has been concluded and negotiations for putting together the technical project are underway.

"The preliminary design for the advanced fifth-generation non-nuclear submarine was developed by the Rubin Central Design Bureau has already been completed, and the approval of the draft proposal for the ship’s engineering design is being discussed. The decision on its construction will be taken after the engineering design is completed," the United Shipbuilding Corporation’s (USC) Vice President for Naval Construction, Igor Ponomaryov, was quoted as saying to TASS.

The fifth-generation submarine will be based on Project 677 Lada. The pilot submarine of the class is being tested at the Northern Shipyard and two more are under construction, Director General of the Rubin Central Design Bureau, Igor Vilnit told TASS.

The fifth-generation non-nuclear submarines will be equipped with air-independent propulsion.

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Vice Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov, earlier said that the project for fifth-generation non-nuclear submarines will be dubbed "Kalina." According to the naval commander, they will be built for the Northern and Baltic Fleets.

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