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12:55 PM, June 30, 2017
Russia, India Selecting Shipyards To Commence Missile Frigates Construction

Russia and India have specified the shipyards for building missile-carrying frigates that would displace about 4,000 tonnes, develop a speed of 30 knots and have a cruising capacity of 30 days, intended for the Indian Navy.

The contract on the purchase of missile frigates from Russia may be signed this year. The sides are taking efforts for signing the relevant contractual documents, Tass reported Friday.

Two frigates will be built in Russia at the Yantar Shipyard. The next two frigates will be built with Russia’s assistance on the territory of India at the Goa Shipyard specified by Indian government.

Russia and India signed a number of agreements in the military and technical sphere in October last year, including the agreements on the delivery of S-400 Triumf air defense missile systems and the construction of the frigates for the Indian Navy.

It emerged in 2016 that Russia was in talks with India to negotiate the sale of three other frigates earlier intended for the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Two of them were laid down at the Yantar Shipyard on the Baltic coast in 2013.

Three such warships have been built for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

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