Russian Mi-17sh-VN Helicopter Design Based On Combat Experience In Syria

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  • 08:35 AM, July 14, 2017
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Russian Mi-17sh-VN Helicopter Design Based On Combat Experience In Syria
Mi-171SH Helicopter

Russian Helicopters will display the newly developed Mi-171Sh-VN advanced military transport helicopter at next week's MAKS-17 show.

The Mi-171Sh-VN is the new version of the Mi-8/17 military transport helicopter; its main features being extensive armoring and weaponry. The cockpit and cargo compartment have the Kevlar flooring to protect the crew. The left and right side panels up to portholes were also armored with Kevlar. There are energy-absorbing landing seats to increase survival ability for crews in case of hard landing.

A new mix of armaments was incorporated into the Mi-171Sh-VN. The main feature is that, apart from aircraft gun armaments, unguided missiles and bombs of various caliber, it is also equipped with guided missile armaments with a target sight system. Two 12.7mm guns were installed in the right and left doorways. Two bow machine guns of the same caliber were installed on the truss structure.

The helicopter was designed based on the experience gained from combat use of helicopters in Syria and elsewhere. It can ferry special operations troops in anti-terror operations at a higher speed and altitude than earlier versions of the Mi-17.

"Technical image of Mi-171SH-BH was formed based on the experience of combat use of helicopters, including the Syrian Arab Republic. The helicopter implemented a whole range of design features that enhance combat effectiveness and combat survivability of the machine, "- said General Director and CEO of Russian Helicopters, Andrey Boginsky said in a statement Thursday.

Mi-171 (Mi-8AMT) is designed for transportation and landing of troops (up to 37 people fully equipped and armed), fire support to the troops, transportation of cargo up to 4,000 kg inside the cargo cabin or at the external sling, transportation of wounded (up to 12 persons accompanied by medical personnel).

The helicopter can also be used for effective destruction of armored vehicles, weapon emplacements and enemy troops. Special truss with ejector rack is to be installed on the helicopter for suspension of air weapons.

Mi-171SH-WH is equipped with powerful engines with improved altitude and climate characteristics and new carrier system. The machine set composite rotor blade profile and a new X-shaped tail rotor. Compared with the previous version of the helicopter due to these innovations, increased the maximum cruising and the helicopter flight speed of up to 260 and 280 km/ h, respectively, and a maximum take-off weight of 13 500 kg and increased its thrust-weight ratio and the efficiency of the machine at high altitudes and in hot climates.

Mi-171SH-HV is equipped with the new composition of navigation equipment. In order to increase survivability applied principle of combination of "glass cockpit" and reliable analog devices. The machine is equipped with a digital autopilot.

The helicopter is equipped with the FLIR-system Searchlight with infra-red emitter, dual-band light and technical equipment adapted to the use of night vision goggles.

The machine is equipped with a defense complex "President-S", which automatically detects a missile launch helicopter carries jamming their heads pointing and false thermal emission targets.


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