Senegal, Other African Nations Plan To Buy Indonesian Amphibious Warship, Missile Frigates

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  • 04:15 AM, July 15, 2017
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Senegal, Other African Nations Plan To Buy Indonesian Amphibious Warship, Missile Frigates
PT PAL Indonesia shipyard (Photo by PT PAL)

African Nations such as Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Gabon plan to purchase advanced warships from Indonesian state-owned company PT PAL for which it has sought an export license from the government.

Senegal wants to place an order for a Landing Platform Dock (LPD) or amphibious warship, and two units of guided missile fast ship (frigates) while Guinea Bissau and Gabon each wanted two units of 60 meters guided missile fast ships, Chief Executive of PT PAL Budiman Saleh said in Jakarta on Thursday.

"Senegal wants two units of 45 meter and 60 meters guided missile fast ship. Guinea Bissau and Gabon each wants two units of 60 meters guided missile fast ship. For that purpose we need support from the government in the form of export license," he was quoted as saying by Antara News.

He said a number of other countries in Africa and also some in Southeast Asia have also indicated interest in ordering warships from PT PAL.

The interest came after the recent delivery of two warships to the Philippines the type of 123 meter long Strategic Sealift Vessel (SSV) at a price of Rp1.1 trillion(US$90 million).

The Philippines is also reported discussing possible import of two more units of SSV and one unit of SSV Hospital Ship and two units of 60-meter guided missile fast ship.

In addition, Malaysia wanted a 163 meter LPD-helicopter carrier which could accommodate three helicopters on deck and two in hangar, he said.

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