US Aids PKK/PYD Terror Groups With Armored Vehicles, Tanker Trucks, Weapons To Fight IS

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  • 05:29 AM, July 19, 2017
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US Aids PKK/PYD Terror Groups With Armored Vehicles, Tanker Trucks, Weapons To Fight IS
US supports PKK/PYD terror group on pretext of fighting Islamic State (Image: Anadolu Agency)

The United States has allegedly transported military equipment that includes ‘Stryker’ armored vehicles along with tanker trucks for the PKK/PYD terror group on pretext of fighting Islamic State (IS) in the north-eastern Syrian province of Al-Hasakah.

According to the Pentagon, the US military aid to several armed groups in Syria, including the PKK/PYD, comprises of 12,000 Kalashnikovs, 6,000 machine guns, 3,500 heavy machine guns, 3,000 RPG-7s, 1,000 American AT-4 or Russian SPG-9 anti-tanks, 235 mortar guns of different calibers, 100 sniper rifles, 450 PV-7 night vision binoculars and 150 binoculars with infrared laser illuminator, Anadolu Agency reported.

A total of 195 trucks carrying military equipment in two separate shipments arrived on July 13 (95 trucks) and July 18 (100 trucks) arrived in the region, the Agency reported quoting an unnamed source as saying Wednesday.

A total of 434 trucks apart from these deliveries had already been sent to the region; 60 trucks on June 5, 20 trucks on June 12, 50 trucks on June 16, 120 trucks between June 21 and 26, 82 trucks on July 5 and 102 trucks on July 9.

The Combined Joint Task Force -- Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF - OIR) led by the United States -- announced on June 6 that the Raqqah Operation was launched with the aim of clearing Daesh from the city center.

However, sources in the region say such military aid by the US has allegedly taken place since 2016.

PKK/PYD, the Syrian offshoot of the terrorist organization PKK, is in control of Al-Hasakah in the east, northern Raqqah, Manbij, to the east of Aleppo, Afrin and Tal Rifaat districts.

The PKK, listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the US, and the EU, has waged a terror campaign against Turkey for more than 30 years, during which more than 40,000 people have been killed. It is also involved in illicit drug production, manufacture, and trafficking.

However, the US sees the PKK/PYD, which is part of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), as an ally in the fight against Daesh.

The National Security Council of Turkey stated on Monday that some of the weapons sent to the PKK/PYD within the scope of fight against Daesh had been captured during the raids executed by Turkish Armed Forces against the terrorist group PKK recently, proving that the PKK/PYD was a terrorist organization operating together.

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