Russian Navy's Stealth Corvette 'Sovershenny' Enters Service

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  • 02:03 PM, July 20, 2017
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Russian Navy's Stealth Corvette 'Sovershenny' Enters Service
Stealth Corvette Sovershenny

Russian Navy’s Stealth corvette 'Sovershenny', armed with the Uran and Redut anti-ship and air defense missile systems and AK-630 small-caliber surface-to-air missile, has entered service with the Pacific fleet.

The corvettes are armed with the Uran and Redut anti-ship and air defense missile systems, the A-190 100mm artillery gun and AK-630 small-caliber surface-to-air missile complexes.

"Corvettes of this type are equipped with Paket torpedo launchers, a helipad and a hangar for an aircraft." TASS reported Thursday.

The Amur Shipyard bult warship became operational in the Russian Navy and entered service with the Pacific Fleet by order of the Navy Commander-in-Chief following a certificate of the corvette’s acceptance, signed by industry representatives and a solemn flag-hoisting ceremony, the spokesman said.

The corvette earlier passed sea and state trials, during which all the warship’s systems and armament were checked.

The corvette Sovershenny is the fourth Project 20380 serial-produced warship. The corvette was designed at the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau.

The Project 20380 corvette is a green-water warship capable of fighting enemy surface combatants and submarines and providing fire support for amphibious landing operations.

Stealth technology is used for the corvettes’ construction. The most advanced solutions have been used to reduce the warship’s physical fields.

Specifically, the corvette’s radar signature has been significantly reduced through the use of the superstructure made of low-combustible radar absorbing fiber-glass and the special architectural arrangement of the hull and the superstructure.

The Project 20380 corvettes are green-water surface combatants. They displace 2,200 tonnes, develop a speed of 27 knots and have an operational range of 4,000 miles.

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