BAE Systems, Tods Defense Receive UK Navy’s Type 26 Class Frigate Bow Sonar Dome Contract

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  • 02:04 AM, July 21, 2017
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BAE Systems, Tods Defense Receive UK Navy’s Type 26 Class Frigate Bow Sonar Dome Contract
UK Royal Navy's first Type-26 class frigate named HMS Glasgow

BAE Systems and Tods Defence announced today the awarding of the Design and Manufacture contract of the Bow Sonar Dome for the Type 26 class Frigate being built for the UK Royal Navy.

The contract award has been made following a rigorous design and assessment phase which was carried out in partnership between BAE Systems, Tods Defence and the Ministry of Defence (MOD), the companies said in a statement Thursday.

The chosen Sonar Dome design optimises acoustic performance as well as procurement and through life costs to ensure the best value for money for the MOD customer.

Tods Defence are synonymous for the design and manufacture of Sonar Bow Domes for 25 other navies which includes US Navy, NATO fleets and Australian and Indian navies.

As well as the design and manufacture of Sonar Domes, the Tods Defence technical support team provides naval dockyards with engineering expertise for installation and retro-fit applications, and for in-situ stealth coating of submarine hulls.

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