S.Korea Wants Up To One Ton Warhead On Its Missiles

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  • 04:21 AM, July 25, 2017
  • 2422
S.Korea Wants Up To One Ton Warhead On Its Missiles
N. Korea Has Nuclear Warheads For Missiles That Can Reach Western United States

South Korea is pushing to revise the guidelines developed by the US to load up to one ton of warheads on Seoul’s ballistic missiles to counter North Korea.

The government is planning to begin talks regarding the issue during the annual Security Consultative Meeting and the Korea-US Integrated Defense Dialogue later this year, Yonhap quoted unnamed sources as saying Monday.

The allies had revised the ballistic missile guidelines in 2012 that allowed South Korea to extend the maximum permissible missile range to 800 kms from previous limit of 300 km due to advances in North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities. Seoul could load up to 500 kg of warheads on missiles with a range of 800 km.

"Our military is reviewing various measures to counter North Korea's nuclear and missile provocations," a government official said, declining to comment on the possible revision.

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