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02:15 PM, July 27, 2017
Russia's KRET Developing Electromagnetic Guns For Sixth-gen Remotely Piloted Fighter Jet
Testing railgun at Joint Institute for High Temperatures. (Image for representation only)

An electromagnetic gun, capable of destroying electronic instruments is to be installed on a proposed new (so-called sixth generation) remotely piloted fighter jet, an executive of Russian defence electronics manufacturer, KRET has said.

"Ultra-high frequency (UHF) weapons are a reality. Their laboratory tests continue non-stop. For instance, we may 'burn' down some electronic devices to see how much electromagnetic energy this will require," the executive has been quoted as saying to Tass Thursday.

The executive said other countries were testing such weapons, too, so KRET was also working on a system of protection from the enemy’s UHF weapons.

"Receiving devices may be equipped with filters blocking the incoming energy. The sensor will then receive only informative and other useful signals. These protection systems are to be computer-adjustable, which would prevent the enemy from identifying potential holes in the filters. We are conducting this type or research, too," he said.

The electromagnetic weapons are to be installed on a remote-controlled configuration ofproposed sixth generation fighter jet which could be a pilotless aircraft.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said last spring that work on such a drone was already in progress. KRET is developing on-board equipment for the sixth-generation jet and UHF weapons at its own initiative.

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