MDA To Research Into Airborne, Ground-based Hyperspectral Imaging For Canadian Armed Forces

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  • 03:25 PM, July 28, 2017
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MDA To Research Into Airborne, Ground-based Hyperspectral Imaging For Canadian Armed Forces

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) Ltd has signed a five-year contract with Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) to apply research expertise in hyperspectral imaging and data analysis.

This initiative will help develop and validate airborne and ground-based hyperspectral imaging capabilities in ultraviolet, visible near-infrared and low-wave infrared spectral ranges.

Hyperspectral imaging gathers much richer and sophisticated information about the world's oceans, lakes, land, and vegetation because it collects the full spectrum of light reflected or emitted from the Earth's surface and separates it into dozens of spectral "bands".  

Analyzing this spectral information for a feature on the ground or in the atmosphere can reveal its composition and evolution while providing critical information to environmental, security and natural resources decision makers.

Norman Hannaford, MDA's vice president and general manager responsible for this business said, "MDA has had a long history at the forefront of hyperspectral technology and of partnering with DRDC to advance capabilities to protect the men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). The technology created by this project will help expand upon this work by better enabling the detection of chemical and biological threats in theatres of operation".

"It is through partnerships such as these that Canada is able to provide CAF members with state-of-the-art technology, which help protect against today's emerging defence and security threats," said Dr. Marc Fortin, Assistant Deputy Minister (Science and Technology), Department of National Defence (DND). "This initiative is a great example demonstrating DND's support for experts and innovators across Canada to focus on defence and security problems as outlined in Canada's Defence Policy – Strong, Secure, Engaged".

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