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05:34 AM, August 2, 2017
Spanish F-18 Fighters Violate Finnish Airspace
Spanish Air Force F-18 Hornet

Finland’s Ministry of Defense has reported that there was a breach of Finnish airspace by two Spanish F-18 military aircraft during a NATO surveillance operation.

The two aircraft apparently crossed into west of Helsink airspace on Tuesday morning. The apparent violation took place south of Upinniemi. The peninsula in Kirkkonummi, west of Helsinki, is the site of a navy base, Yle.fi reported Wednesday.

The Finnish Border Guard is investigating the incident, which lasted for about one minute.

The Spanish planes involved are taking part in NATO surveillance of airspace over the Baltic Sea. They are based at Ämari Air Base in Estonia, some 40 km southwest of Tallinn.

Finland and Sweden are members of NATO's Partnership for Peace, whereas the other Nordic and Baltic states are full NATO members.

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