General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems' 10 Mega Joule Rail Gun Ready For Testing

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  • 12:20 PM, August 2, 2017
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General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems' 10 Mega Joule Rail Gun Ready For Testing
General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems' 10 Mega Joule Rail Gun Ready For Testing

US based General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems' 10 mega joule medium-range multi-mission railgun is ready for testing.

Meant for ship, land and mobile platforms the railgun will be tested at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, USA, the company said Wednesday without specifying the test date.

A railgun uses electromagnetic force rather than explosives to launch high velocity projectiles.

"The 10 MJ railgun system includes a railgun launcher, pulsed power system and a new mounting system that allows the launcher to elevate and train for better targeting," Nick Bucci, vice president for Missile Defense and Space Systems at GA-EMS, said.

"This represents a leap forward in advancing railgun technologies, offering reduced size and weight for the launcher, twice the energy density in a significantly reduced pulsed power footprint, and more capable hypersonic projectiles." Bucci added.

The General Atomics' railgun system integrates a High Energy Pulsed Power Container (HEPPC), 10 MJ launcher, hypersonic hybrid missile, and fire control technologies.

The HEPPC uses next-generation railgun capacitors and a new approach to packaging and distribution of the energy in a smaller footprint than existing pulsed power solutions.

GA-EMS said this reduces the number of pulsed power containers required to launch the projectiles or hybrid missiles, which contain a guidance control unit with guidance, navigation, and control software.

GA-EMS conducted projectile component testing earlier this year. The testing also demonstrated a continuous two-way data link between the in-flight projectiles and the ground station.

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