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12:52 PM, August 3, 2017
Russia To Develop Seven Ton Multipurpose Drones By 2023
Russian drone display at MAKS 2017

Russia is planning to design a two-ton multi-purpose drone by 2020 and a seven-ton one by 2023 for reconnaissance and transport purposes at the same time.

The seven-ton UAV will be able to fly 3,000 meters even with one ton of cargo. The UAV will not need an airfield - it will be able to land on a clearing in the woods, Pravada.ru reported Wednesday.

The drones will thus be able to perform a large number of transport tasks, such as supplying soldiers at remote outposts with weapons, ammunition, food, medicines. Quite possibly, the UAV will be able to evacuate the wounded.

Unmanned helicopter aircraft will have a variable traction vector.

Russia tested its first drone in March this year. Known as T-16, the vehicle was developed by Kazan-based Eniks Design Bureau. Further the UAVE was able to carry 6 kg of mission payload on its underwing.


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