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01:02 PM, August 4, 2017
Israel Testing Tech To Detect, Destroy Improvised Explosive Devices
Mines-and-IED-Detection-System (Image for representation only)

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has started to test its new system, Counter Improvised Explosive Device and Mine Suite (CIMS) mobile system that can identify, locate and destroy improvised explosive devices and mines before troops even reach them.

CIMS that was created by Elta, one of IAI’s subsidiaries, can detect both surface and underground IEDs, mines and roadside bombs. It is developed for patrols during routine security missions on Israel’s borders.

The CIMS has a 270° radius and when an IED or mine is identified, the system alerts soldiers with warning sounds and indicators on a screen inside the vehicle, which displays its findings 

The technology is expected to make a "breakthrough" in the fight against improvised explosive devices (IEDs) actively used by terrorists.

The new system, which is not yet operational, is capable of detecting both surface and underground IEDs, mines, and bombs, The Jerusalem Post reported Thursday. "It is a new concept that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. It is a breakthrough technology against IEDs” project manager Reuven Y. said.

After detecting an IED, it automatically informs the troops making it so that a soldier does not need to exit the vehicle, Reuven added.

The system can be installed on a number of combat and unmanned vehicles, and it is capable of operating in different weather conditions. IAI plans to sell these systems to Israel Defense Forces, as well as foreign customers that also have to deal with IEDs used by terrorists.

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