US DoD Policy To Shoot Down Unauthorized Drones Over Installations

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  • 07:05 AM, August 8, 2017
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US DoD Policy To Shoot Down Unauthorized Drones Over Installations

The US department of defense has approved a new policy that will allow military bases to shoot down unauthorized drones that trespass in their airspace.

The increased use of commercial and privately owned small unmanned aircraft systems has raised Defense Department concerns for the safety and security of its installations, its aviation and its people, a Pentagon spokesman told reporters Tuesday.

“Protecting our force remains a top priority, and that's why DoD issued the specific, but classified policy developed with the Federal Aviation Administration and our interagency partners that details how DoD personnel may counter the unmanned aircraft threat,” Pentagon Spokesperson Navy Capt. Jeff Davis said.

The new guidance specifies how DoD will interact with local communities about UAS restrictions on and near military installations, Davis said, adding that it follows classified guidance that was provided to the services and installations in early July.

“We support civilian law enforcement investigations in the prosecution of unauthorized UAS operations over military installations,” Davis said, “and though we do not discuss specific force-protection measures, we of course retain the right of self-defense. And when it comes to UAS or drones operating over military installations, this new guidance does afford us the ability to take action to stop those threats.”

Davis said such action includes tracking, disabling and destroying drones, depending on circumstance and the type of installation where UAS activity is detected.

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