Indian Artillery Gun Dhanush Fails Trials Thirce In Three Months

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  • 08:32 AM, August 16, 2017
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Indian Artillery Gun Dhanush Fails Trials Thirce In Three Months
Dhanush 155mm artillery gun

Indian home-grown 155mm/45-caliber towed howitzer, Dhanush has failed weapons test for the third time.

“The Dhanush 155mm/45-caliber artillery gun has failed on three occasions in a row in the last three months when the shell of the gun hit the muzzle brake in one of the six prototype guns currently undergoing user trials,” Defensenews quoted an unnamed source as saying Monday.

Dhanush 155 MM/45 calibre gun is based on the 1980s’ Bofors FH-77B/39 Calibre artillery gun design and aided by the transfer of technology (ToT) clause signed with the Swedish company AB Bofors of Sweden.

The Army’s Field Artillery Rationalisation Plan, drawn in 1999, aims to acquire 2,800-3,000 155 mm/52-calibre guns of all kinds and 155 mm/39-calibre lightweight howitzers by 2027.

A total of six guns are being tested by the Indian Army under the aegis of the Srinagar-based 15 Corps and the Leh-based 14 Corps.

The first three guns of the production-level prototype underwent four-month trial from June to September. Three more other guns were to be added and the entire lot will be tested in high-altitude winter conditions.

In July, The Times of India reported that "in May when six guns were being fired at one go, a shell hit the muzzle brake in one of the pieces…Last week when the test fires were being undertaken, again a shell hit the muzzle brake, bringing the whole process back to square one."

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