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12:39 PM, August 16, 2017
Sukhoi-57 Stealth Fighter Jet Communication Equipment Test To Be Completed In 2017
Sukhoi-57 fighter aircraft

Russian government certification tests of the communication systems for the fifth generation fighter jet Sukhoi-57 will be over by year end.

"S-111 provides radio telephone communication and encrypted data exchange among various aircraft and also command centers (ground and sea-based and airborne). Its effective range of operation is up to 1,500 kilometers," a spokesman for the Roselektronika was quoted as saying by TASS Wednesday.

"The system’s reliability is guaranteed by the multiple redundancy of the main functions and cutting edge technical solutions, as well as a wide range of radio channels."

The communication system is based on modular priniciple allowing it to build a number of channels and the range of functions performed and for using it on any aircraft, including helicopters Ka-52 Alligator, Mi-28NM, Ka-50, PSV, military transport planes (Ilyushin-76, Ilyushin-112, Antonov-124, PAK VTA), jet fighters and frontline aviation planes (T-50, MiG-31, Sukhoi-34), long-range planes (Tupolev-22M3M, Tupolev-160M, PAK DA) and drones, the report said.

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