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02:09 PM, August 16, 2017
DJI Phantom Drone Lands Undetected On UK Warship
Elizabeth aircraft carrier

A DJI Phantom drone, piloted by a UK photographer, landed aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth and took pictures and video footage reportedly undetected by the ship's advanced intrusion detection system.

The unnamed photographer spent 'quite some time' remotely filming the most advanced British aircraft carrier from above using a DJI Phantom drone without any interference when the wind forced him to land his UAV aboard the ship.

Interestingly nobody on the board was aware of it "although there were security police around in small boats who were waving at the drone," the Inverness Courier reported. The incident happened sometime last week, though the report does not mentioned the date

"There was absolutely no-one around when I landed, it was like a ghost ship," the photographer said.

Furthermore, in spite of his concerns about the carrier’s steel deck sending “the drone’s electronic landing systems haywire”, he managed to land his UAV, snap a couple of shots and then safely fly away.

Further, "It turned out that the deck is covered by some sort of material to give better grip and it did not interfere with the electronics," the drone operator added.

Further, when he later approached the port security to explain the situation, "no one seemed too concerned". The man he spoke to said he would convey the matter "up the chain of command."

DJI phantom drones are avialable in electronics shops and cost as little as US$500. They are favorite of photographers wanting aerial shots of weddings and buildings. But there are concerns that use of drones near military installations could compromise security.

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