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10:26 AM, August 17, 2017
Lockheed Martin To Hold Job Fair Seeking 1000 Workers For F-35 Fighter Jet Production

Lockheed Martin has announced a job fair to be conducted on August 29 seeking about 1000 skilled people for F-35 Lightning II fighter production at its Fort Worth plant, Texas.

The US Firm said it hopes to issue 800 to 1,000 letters of intent that same day out of an expected 2,000 applicants. It is looking for applicants having skilled experienced in electrical and structural assembly, aircraft mechanics and low-observable material coating. Low-observable or radar absorbent materials are a key part of the F-35s stealth design to avoid enemy radar detection.

“We are shooting to have about 2,000 that would be registered for the event,” Lockheed Martin spokesman Ken Ross told Star-Telegram.

Earlier this year, Lockheed said it planned to hire more than 1,800 workers to handle growing production of its F-35 Lightning II fighter jet. The west Fort Worth aeronautics complex currently has 14,000 workers employed.

Lockheed is ramping up production of its F-35 to fulfill growing orders to the U.S. military and foreign allies. Last year, the company built about 50 F-35s and it plans to build up to 160 a year by 2019.

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