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09:28 AM, August 21, 2017
Indian Army To Upgrade Russian T-90 Tanks With Gun-launched Missiles, Modular Engine

Indian Army is working on a project to upgrade its Russian-origin T-90 battle tanks with next generation gun-launched missiles, replacing currently equipped laser guided INVAR missile system.

“As the design of the existing INVAR missile has been maximised, both in terms of range and depth of penetration (DoP), it is imperative to upgrade it to next generation missiles with enhanced capability,” an army source associated to the project was quoted as saying by PTI Sunday.

The sources said the third generation missile should achieve a DoP of 800-850 mm and will be capable of hitting targets up to a range of 8 KM in day as well as night.

In addition, the Army is also working on a separate project to install a modular engine for the T-90 tanks so as to enhance their strike capability in high-altitude battle field. The proposed modular engine for T-90 tanks is envisaged to have a variable power output of 1200-1500 HP to cater to high battle field agility.

The report states that the missiles, to be fired from the 125mm gun barrels of T-90 tanks, will be able to hit targets by taking pre-flight programmed manoeuvres.

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