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09:18 AM, August 22, 2017
Ka-226 Helicopter To Receive Crash-resistant Fuel System by 2019

Russian Helicopters’ lightweight multirole helicopter Ka-226 will be the first to receive new crash-resistant fuel system which is expected to arrive by early 2019.

"This is one of system remaining in the priority list. Activities on this topic have been underway for several years. We identified the aircraft to be the first one fitted with this system - this is Ka-226 helicopter," department director of Technodinamika Holding Egor Chetvertnykh told TASS Monday.

First specimens will be supplied to Russian Helicopters company in 18-24 months, he added.

Ka-226T is a lightweight multirole helicopter with the takeoff weight of 3.4 tonnes. It is intended to carry up to 1.5 tonnes of cargo or up to 7 passengers on board to a distance of 600 km.

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