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10:29 AM, August 23, 2017
China's NORINCO Demos New Gen Infantry Fighting Vehicles At Armour Day
The VN-17 heavy IFV has a high level of commonality with the VT-5 light tank. Source: NORINCO

The China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) recently unveiled a new generation infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) and a new active protection system (APS) during the Armour Day it held in Baotou, Inner Mongolia from 15-16 August.

The company demonstrated a new VN-17 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) to about 230 guests from 50 countries which is as described by IHS Jane’s a “brand-new generation of 30 ton heavy tracked armoured vehicles with the protection level of tanks”.

Similar to VT-5 light tank produced by NORINCO, the VN-17’s engine is positioned at the front to the right of the driver to create space for an infantry compartment at the rear.

The vehicle seen in the demonstration was fitted with an unmanned turret with a 30 mm cannon, two HJ-12 anti-tank missile launchers, and a panoramic electro-optical system on its roof, the report says.

Another tracked IFV that did not feature in the live demonstration was also at the event which appears to have a chassis derived from the old Type 59 tank, suggesting it could be less expensive than the VN-17. It was seen equipped with a turret similar to that used on the VN-12 IFV.

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