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09:38 AM, August 24, 2017
China Plans Civilian-Military Technology Integration In Sci-Tech Sector By 2020

China’s top science authorities published a five-year term plan to integrate innovative military and civilian technologies to explore cost-effective solutions in the science and technology sector.

Jointly issued by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology and the Science and Technology Commission of the Central Military Commission, the plan is to build new research units and think tanks on cutting-edge science projects, ranging from manned-space missions to navigation satellite systems to supercomputers, local media reports.

Integrating military and civilian technologies will lead to more innovations and applications that can benefit both the military and society, said Lieutenant General Xin Yi, the deputy director of the Science and Technology Commission (STC) of the Central Military Commission.

"Integration of military and civilian technologies is crucial in improving national defense and building a modern military," Xin was quoted as saying by China Daily during a press conference Wednesday. "It is also a powerful engine for facilitating scientific innovations and social economic development."

A coordinated military-civilian innovation system for the sector should be put in place by 2020. It also identified a new round of key sci-tech projects in military-civilian integration towards 2030, such as an integrated information system, quantum communication/computing and brain science/brain-inspired intelligence.

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