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06:47 PM, August 24, 2017
Russian Helicopters Signs Contract For Three Mi-8AMTSh Choppers

Russian Helicopters has signed a contract for the supply of Three Mi-8AMTSh military transport helicopters to state special purpose aviation.

Three Mi-8AMTSh military transport helicopters will be manufactured at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant (U-UAZ) and transferred to the customer in 2018, the company announced Wednesday.

The Mi-8AMTSh helicopters are widely used by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and other security agencies of the country. They are capable of carrying up to 37 military men, up to 4,000 kg of cargo inside the fuselage or up to 4,000 kg of oversized cargo on an external sling. A wide range of weaponry and a combat survivability improvement system allow the helicopters to effectively perform any tasks assigned. The Mi-8AMTSh helicopters can also be used for search and rescue and medical evacuation operations, as well as for the performance of various special tasks. They are equipped with modern flight and navigation equipment and a communication complex.

Moreover, the helicopters are adapted for the use of night vision goggles, which allows carrying out low-level and nap-of-the-earth night flights, as well as taking off from and land on unmarked sites.

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