Chemical Agents’ Production Facility Seized In Syria On Display in Moscow Museum

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  • 05:04 AM, August 25, 2017
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Chemical Agents’ Production Facility Seized In Syria On Display in Moscow Museum
Purported ISIS Chemical Attack in Syria: Image by Daily Star, Lebanon

The Patriot museum and exhibition center in Kubinka near Moscow has showcased weapons seized in combat operations against terrorists in Syria.

On display is a "factory" for the makeshift production of chemical agents. The plant consists of a cement mixer and two plastic barrels and is capable of producing up to 30 liters of organo-phosphorus lethal agents to fill makeshift munitions.

Artillery shells are filled with these agents and fired in civilian areas to create a ‘horrible picture’ on television, Russian news agency, Tass reported.

Most of the seized arms on display are makeshift weapons. They include mortars and rocket launchers made of water pipes and mounted on trucks. On display is a 105mm launcher intended to deliver fire against civilians, lightly armored and unarmored hardware and a 305mm coaxial mortar that can fire with a minimum time interval.

"The use of such a design solution helps increase artillery fire intensity and exert psychological pressure on the enemy by imitating a fire attack," the museum staff explained to Tass.

The small arms displayed include Belgian Browning and US Colt pistols, Austrian Mannlicher rifles and Glock pistols, Chinese Type 56 and AKS machineguns, US Remington firearms and M-16A4 assault rifles. Unexploded and defused makeshift and foreign factory-produced mines, hand grenades and rockets are also on display. 

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