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03:19 PM, August 25, 2017
Russian Helicopters To Study Design Concept Of High-Speed Combat Helicopter
Representative picture.

Russia’s defense ministry has signed a contract with Russian Helicopters to design the concept of a high-speed combat helicopter within the framework of the International military-technical forum Army-2017.

The contract between Russian Helicopters and the Ministry of Defense involves works on determining the technical appearance of the perspective high-speed combat helicopter. In these works, the reserve that has been created during the previous research works is used, including the results of flight tests of the flying laboratory of a perspective high-speed helicopter with a new main rotor.

"As of now, the holding has a significant scientific and technical reserve in the sphere of the perspective high-speed helicopter project - not only through the holding's own funds but also due to the state sources of financing. Both the Ministry of Defense and our holding believe the parameters received during the tests and the experience gained to be enough to move on to the next stage - the development of a high-speed combat helicopter. The contract signed today is a serious step towards the new generation of helicopter construction, with higher speeds and flight and technical characteristics," noted Andrey Boginsky, CEO of the "Russian helicopters" holding, on the results of the signing.

The contract is agreed for two years, and as a result of its implementation, the appearance of the combat helicopter should be determined and the technical task for the experimental construction works formed.

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