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12:42 PM, September 5, 2017
North Korea Transports Ballistic Missile To West Coast, South Korean Intelligence Says. (Image for representation only)

South Korea's intelligence service has registered the transportation of a North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) to the west coast of the country.

The rocket started moving on Monday, a day after North Korea's sixth nuclear test, and was spotted moving at night to avoid surveillance, South Korea's Asia Business Daily reported.

South Kore believes that Pyongyang is preparing for yet another missile launch. “North Korea could start preparations for a new missile launch.” Officials at South Korean ministry of defense said.

The ICBM being trasported is created by a specialized military research institution. It will be moved to the country's west coast, where it has launch facilities for its missile programs

South Korea's intelligence service also predicted that the launch could be arranged for Saturday, as September 9 is celebrated in North Korea as the anniversary of its founding.

North Korea has carried out a number of missile launches and nuclear tests in recent months, all of which are considered to be in violation with the UN Security Council resolutions.

However, it is yet to become clear when the movement was detected, the direction of the projectiles and the way it is being transported, a South Korean law maker was quoted as saying by CNN Tuesday.

However, North Korean state media reported that it indicated a hydrogen bomb, known as a thermonuclear weapon, which could be fitted atop a long-range missile capable of striking the US.

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