Russia Fires Cruise Missile At CIS-Origin IS Militants In Syria

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  • 02:00 PM, September 5, 2017
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Russia Fires Cruise Missile At CIS-Origin IS Militants In Syria
Russian warships

A Russian frigate in the Mediterranean fired Kalibr cruise missiles at Islamic state militants in Syria who largely hailed form Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet’s frigate The Admiral Essen has launched the missiles against targets of the terrorist organization near Deir ez-Zor in Syria, Tass reported Tuesday.

The attack was against an area held by militants mostly from Russia and other CIS member-states, the Russian Defense Ministry said Tuesday.

In the morning of September 5, the frigate The Admiral Essen, of the Black Sea Fleet, currently operating in the Mediterranean as part of Russia’s permanent naval group launched Kalibr cruise missiles against the Islamic State facilities.

"The attack was against a stronghold held by groups of militants most of whom are from Russia and other CIS member-states," the Defense Ministry said.

The missile strike wiped out command centers and a communication facility, weapons and ammunition depots, an armored vehicles repair plant and a large group of militants.

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