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04:12 AM, September 6, 2017
MD Helicopters Wins $1.4B Contract to Supply 150 MD 530F Helicopters to Afghanistan
Afghan Air Force MD 530F Close Air Attack Helicopter

MD Helicopters was awarded a nearly $1.4 billion contract for the procurement of an estimated 150 MD 530F Close Air Attack Helicopter by the goverment of Afghanistan.

The contract includes required production support services to include program management, delivery support, pilot training and maintenance, the US department of defense said in a statement Tuesday.

One bid was solicited, with one bid received. Work is estimated to be completed by Aug. 31, 2022.

According to MD Helicopters, the Armed MD 530F Light Scout Attack Helicopter delivers increased operational capabilities, greater mission versatility and superior performance in the execution of a broad range of mission profiles. It is known for speed, safety, agility and the ability to operate with ease in confined spaces.

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