T-72 Tank Modernized To NATO Standard Offered To Poland

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  • 03:25 AM, September 12, 2017
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T-72 Tank Modernized To NATO Standard Offered To Poland
T-72 Modernized to NATO Standard PT-17 Tank

A T-72 tank, modernized to NATO standards was displayed at the recent MSPO-2017 exhibition to demonstrate capabilities of the tank, christened PT-17, to the Ministry of Defense of Poland.

In April 2017, Ukroboronprom and the Zaklady Mechaniczne “Bumar – Labedy” S.A. started joint T-72 modernization. Ukroboronprom launched integration of the best Ukrainian technological developments, namely: UOP developed and supplied tank loader, a new engine, transmission, modernized engine transmission compartment, new 120mm caliber guns, fire control system, APU, active armor and a tower evaluation unit.

All these units are developed in accordance with NATO standards, because today the Ministry of Defense of Poland, a NATO member state, is a potential customer of a new tank.

"This project can become the beginning of the Ukrainian army renovation with "NATO" military equipment samples," said Director General of the SC "UkrOboronProm" Roman Romanov.

In turn, the Polish side noted that it is amazed by the Ukrainian specialists’ efficiency, who managed in less than 5 months develop, manufacture and supply all units, components and spares to ensure a full-scale presentation of the new tank at MSPO-2017.

The positive decision of the Ministry of Defense of Poland to purchase PT-17 tanks will allow Ukrainian enterprises to participate in a large-scale project for the rearmament of the Polish Army, estimated at several hundred million USD.

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