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12:15 AM, September 18, 2017
MiG to Submit Detailed Proposal for Indian Navy's 57 Fighter Jet Requirement
Mig 29k Naval Fighter Jet Taking Off From Indian INS Vikramaditya

Russian MiG is open to partnering Indian companies and will soon submit a detailed proposal to supply MiG-29K fighter jets to the Indian Navy.

“The company will soon be submitting a detailed proposal to the Indian government. We also consider transfer of technology and joint development of MiG-29 K jets with Indian companies. Such agreements would be as per the ‘Make in India’ program launched by the central government,” MiG CEO Ilya Tarasenko said in a statement Sunday.

The Indian Navy’s January 17 RFI for the procurement of 57 naval fighters could be worth US$12 billion for the selected foreign supplier.

The price of the contract has been estimated on the cost of each carrier borne jet at around US$200 million each if it were a western fighter or under US$100 million if it were to be a Russian jet.

Saab has offered its conceptual aircraft Gripen [M] (Maritime) for the Indian Navy’s in March this year. The Indian Navy has conducted trials of French Rafale, Swedish Saab Sea Gripen, Russian MiG-29K and American F-18 in July this year.

Currently, Indian Navy operates 45 MIG-29K jets which face serviceability issues from time to time. The delivery of deck based fighter jets is expected to take four-five years.

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