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10:48 AM, September 26, 2017
Russian Army Erects Bridge in Syria Amidst Shelling by Terrorists
MARM small dismountable motorway bridge panel

The Russian Army has erected a MARM small motorway panel bridge across the Euphrates River few kilometres away from Deir ez-Zor in northeastern Syria amidst shelling by Islamic State (IS) terrorists.

The panel bridge was erected in less than two days under continuous shelling, Head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Road Service Vladimir Burovtsev was quoted as saying by Tass Tuesday.

"Unmanned aerial vehicles were used. Explosive substances and grenades were falling on us from the air during the installation work. However, we have no losses. No injured or affected. Everything was erected in the set terms," he specified.

The 210 meters long bridge supports heavy armored vehicles, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and multiple-launch rocket systems, Burovtsev said.

The bridge will also be used for aid convoys to liberated communities and medical evacuations.

Ahead of the bridge’s construction, only the advance detachments of the Syrian army crossed the river with the use of pontoons. Now the main government forces are preparing for mass crossing of the Euphrates.

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