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12:02 PM, October 9, 2017
Russian Pacific Fleet Cruiser Varyag and Submarine Tomsk Tests Anti-ship Missiles
Russian Pacific Fleet Cruiser Varyag and Submarine Tomsk Tests Cruise Missiles

The crew of the Russian Pacific Fleet have tested two supersonic cruise missiles during training exercise in the Okhotsk Sea water zone, the defense ministry said Monday.

According to the ministry, the nuclear submarine cruiser Tomsk fired a supersonic naval anti-ship missile Granit from “a submerged location” and Varyag guided-missile cruiser launched Bazalt supersonic anti-ship missile, successfully hitting the assigned target.

“The shooting was conducted in jamming environment including EW warfare,” the ministry said. “To ensure the safety and control over the shooting results, more than 15 warships and auxiliary vessels were involved, as well as the Pacific Fleet Air Force aircraft,” it added.

The P-700 Granit is a heavy supersonic naval missile with a range of 300 miles (550km). It can be fired from submarines or conventional ships, as well as surface-to-surface combat.

The P-500 Bazalt has a 550 km range and a payload of 1,000 kg, which allows it to carry a 350 kt nuclear or a 950 kg semi-armor-piercing high-explosive warhead. The P-500 Bazalt uses active radar homing for terminal guidance, and can receive mid-course correction from the Tupolev Tu-95RTs Bear D, the Kamov Ka-25K Hormone B and the Kamov Ka-31.

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