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01:30 PM, October 12, 2017
Aerovironment Puma UAV Gets Structural Upgrades
Puma AE drone (Image: Aerovironment)

Aerovironment’s Puma unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has been designated Puma 3 AE after the company has undertaken upgrades such as updating the datalink, new avionics and integrating new infrared (IR) sensor.

The company has also upgraded Raven UAV with the same features. Puma has received upgrades to fuselage and center wing to enable the drone to carry more payload, David Sharpin, vice-president of AeroVironment's Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System was quoted by Jane’s on 9 October at the annual Association of the US Army (AUSA) symposium in Washington.

The heavier payload includes a new Mantis i45 sensor package that weighs 850 gm and will carry five sensors: two electro-optical cameras, two IR cameras, a low-light camera for dusk operations, and a laser marker, the news outlet reported.

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