Leonardo Pitches to Upgrade Bahrain’s M60A3 Main Battle Tank

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  • 12:22 PM, October 15, 2017
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Leonardo Pitches to Upgrade Bahrain’s M60A3 Main Battle Tank
Bahrain Army Exercising with the M60A3 Tank

Leonardo is presenting its M60 tank overhaul and upgrade programme at the first edition of the Bahrain International Defence Exhibition and Conference (BIDEC) in Manama, Bahrain.

The proposed upgrade for the M60A3 will integrates a new 120/45 mm main gun with a state-of-the-art Fire Control System (FCS), modern protection systems and an enhanced power system.

The Leonardo solution retains existing maintenance and logistics assets and requires minimal additional training for support. Leonardo fully owns and controls the core technologies involved, such as the FCS, the InfraRed cameras, the 120mm smooth-bore main gun and the technology which improves turret performance.

The Bahrain Army operates some 60 US-made M60A3 tanks which are of 1970s vintage. Several pitches have been made by various global companies to upgrade them

On the company’s stand at BIDEC (E2), Leonardo will also present the Kronos Grand Mobile, a compact, multifunctional system designed for land-based tactical operations that need to provide coastal and air surveillance and defend against latest-generation threats.

Leonardo will also show off the Colibri, a light, versatile and modular Fire Control System, designed for easy integration into vehicles, tank turrets and artillery platforms. Thanks to its variety of built-in sensors, which include a thermal imager and laser range finder, the system delivers accurate targeting capabilities in a rugged, compact package. Moreover, Leonardo is exhibiting its NA-30S Mk2, a latest-generation Fire Control

System designed to control up to three modern guns, including providing guidance for DAR ammunition, against conventional and asymmetric air/surface threats. The system is based on a dualband (X and Ka) radar, and can be provided with a set of integrated sensors to allow high tracking accuracy and improved range performance.

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