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02:02 PM, October 30, 2017
HMS Vigilant in 2014. (Royal Navy Photo)

The US Navy provided logistical support for the UK Navy's investigation into the alleged 'drug-fueled' parties which the crew of nuclear ballistic missile submarine, HMS Vigilant had indulged in while it was berthed off Florida.

According to reports carried by the BBC and The Daily Mail, member of Vigilant’s crew failed drug tests for cocaine when the boat was pier-side at the U.S. submarine base at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Ga. The reports indicated the U.K. sailors had abused drugs at series of ongoing parties for a month at nearby Florida hotels while Vigilant was at Kings Bay in September.

The U.S. Navy provided logistical support for the investigation to the Royal Navy but there were no indication U.S. sailors or civilian personnel were involved in the incidents, NCIS spokesman Ed Buice told USNI News on Sunday night.

Under the investigation ordered by Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, all the UK submarine crews were subjected to drug test and nine were removed from the service after failing. Earlier this month, the commander of Vigilant was also removed for having an inappropriate romantic relationship with a subordinate.

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