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05:03 PM, November 1, 2017
Vietnam Orders Maritime Electro Optical-Infra Red Payloads From CONTROP
CONTROP's EO/IR Payload mounted on boat

Israel’s CONTROP Technologies has received a contract to provide an unspecified number of iSea-40HD maritime Electro Optical-Infra Red (EO/IR) payloads to the Vietnamese Navy.

This is a follow-on order of a previous order made three (3) years ago. Delivery of the systems will commence in 2018.

According to Hagay Azani, VP Marketing & Sales of CONTROP, “We are pleased that the Vietnamese Navy once again selected us to supply the marine payloads as a follow-on order.”

The iSea-40HD Maritime EO/IR Payload, weighing 29Kg, has a thermal camera with continuous optical zoom, a full HD day camera, four (4) gimbals for high stabilization, and an optional laser pointer and laser range finder.

The iSea Family of maritime EO/IR payloads are used worldwide for Coast Guard and Naval surveillance/observation applications. All of the CONTROP iSea day/night camera payloads have an interface to NMEA0183 radars for slewing the EO/IR camera to the detected target.

The iSea systems include CONTROP’s proprietary Payload Electronics Box, which provides a Video Tracker as well as Video Enhancement algorithms and a Picture-in- Picture feature.

This is a distinct advantage since the customer can procure a smaller payload system at the start, and later upgrade to a larger payload if required for longer distance acquisition, but will only need to change the payload (the rest of the equipment remains the same). 

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