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11:34 AM, November 2, 2017
MBDA to Produce 21000 Wing Assemblies for Boeing’s Small Diameter Bomb
MBDA Wing Assemblies for Boeing Small Diameter Bomb

MBDA has been awarded a contract by Boeing to produce up to 21,000 Diamond Back Wing Assemblies for the Small Diameter Bomb (SDB-1).

This new contract follows a U.S. Air Force award to Boeing for additional SDB-1 production.

MBDA’s Diamond Back Wing Assembly, a key component of Boeing’s Small Diameter Bomb, features a patented tandem wing design that improves SDB’s maneuverability and extends its range to over 60 nautical miles, increasing pilot safety and expanding operational reach.

SDB-1 is an advanced precision-guided glide bomb that provides aircraft with the ability to carry a higher number of weapons and accurately strike multiple targets in a single combat sortie.

MBDA has produced over 18,000 Diamond Back Wing Assemblies. MBDA produced the 20,000th unit in September 2017.

MBDA will continue assembling and testing Diamond Back Wing Assemblies at its Huntsville, Alabama facility and is hiring new staff and expanding its facilities to accommodate increasing demand for wing assemblies

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