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05:10 PM, November 6, 2017
Cochin shipyard To Build Eight Anti-Submarine Ships For Indian Navy
Cochin shipyard To Build Eight Anti-Submarine Ships For Indian Navy

Cochin Shipyard Limited, one of the largest shipbuilding and maintenance facility in India, has won a tender for manufacturing 8 anti-submarine ships for the Indian Navy under a project estimated to cost INR 5,400 crores (US$834m).

The Navy’s project will enhance the submarine capacity of the country and will make advancements in the core capabilities, New Delhi Times reports. The project will be held in close cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of India.

According to the report, Indian defence ministry’s Defence Acquisition Council had approved a tender for nearly 16 ASW shallow-water ships in December 2013. The report stated that, the platform which would be built will host to a 700-tons displacement and a range of 200 n miles. Also, the maximum speed which would be attained would feature around 25 kt and an endurance of 1,800 n miles at 14 kt.

The first vessel from the side of Cochin Shipyard is deemed to be delivered in next 42 months.

The Indian Navy had planned for the 212-ship fleet as featured in the service’s 15 year Maritime Capability Perspective Plan for the 2012-27. The new eight ASW will be an added feature to this plan of the defence ministry in boosting the strength of Indian Navy. Under country’s Next Generation Corvette programme is assumed to acquire seven to ten ships more. This will add to the basic demand featured by Navy for carrying out the operations in the future. This 120 m platform will feature ASW capabilities as it is for the multipurpose target achievement. 

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