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01:37 PM, November 13, 2017
Russian Su-35 Fighter Equipped With 'Artificial Intelligence'
Russian Su-35 Fighter Equipped With 'Artificial Intelligence'

Russia's advanced multirole Su-35 fighter aircraft is equipped with an 'artificial intelligence' unit that helps the aircraft to lock the specific target for destruction by a certain kind of weapon system.

The general director of Rostech state corporation, Sergei Chemezov was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti on the sidelines of Dubai airshow that one of the Su-35 fighters exhibited in Dubai is outfitted with an artificial intelligence unit that may simultaneously capture and analyse six targets at once.

"The Su-35, which is taking part in dubai airshow for the first time, is fitted with an intelligence unit that analyzes six goals simultaneously to capture and immediately determines what kind of weapons should be hit," said Chemezov.

“It's not even a pilot doing, but artificial intelligence that does all this,” he clarified.

Sukhoi-35 is a 4 ++ generation fighter aircraft with controlled thrust vector engines. The aircraft uses fifth generation technology that ensures superiority over foreign-produced fighters of a similar class.

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