Saab to Supply Additional Sea Giraffe Radars for US Navy Littoral Combat Ships

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  • 06:09 AM, November 24, 2017
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Saab to Supply Additional Sea Giraffe Radars for US Navy Littoral Combat Ships
Sea Giraffe AMB radar on a ship (Image: Saab)

Saab has received an additional order from General Dynamics for delivery of its Sea Giraffe AMB naval radar for the US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships LCS 28 and LCS 30.

Sea Giraffe AMB’s US military designation is AN/SPS-77. “The Sea Giraffe AMB is currently being delivered to five classes of US Navy surface ships as a part of three separate US Navy programs, and this follow-on LCS contract further strengthens Saab’s position as a premier radar supplier for the US Navy. The Sea Giraffe AMB is according to the requirements of US Navy missions from air and surface surveillance to air traffic control,” Erik Smith, President and CEO of Saab Defense and Security USA said in a statement Friday.

To date, Sea Giraffe has been installed on the US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships LCS 2 (USS Independence), LCS 4 (USS Coronado), LCS 6 (USS Jackson), LCS 8 (USS Montgomery), LCS 10 (USS Gabrielle Giffords) and LCS 12 (USS Omaha). Additional systems are in various stages of manufacturing and testing to meet LCS construction schedules. Saab has also received an additional contract from General Dynamics with options for delivery of another 11 systems in the program through 2024.

In October 2017, the US Navy announced it will deploy Sea Giraffe AMB on the US Coast Guard’s newest class of ship, the Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC). Additionally, Saab is developing a derivative of Sea Giraffe AMB, known as AN/SPN-50, to meet the US Naval Air Systems Command’s air traffic control requirements on aircraft carrier and amphibious assault class ships.

Sea Giraffe AMB is a multi-role, medium-range, 3D surveillance radar system for naval applications. It provides simultaneous air and surface surveillance, and is suitable for demanding naval environments from the littorals to blue water operations. 


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